Warning Signs for After Birth

Most individuals and their babies do not get sick when they go home from the hospital. But sometimes, there are problems and you must call your doctor or midwife for help. The following points will give you some idea of when to call your doctor or midwife.

Call your Doctor or Midwife if:

  • You have heavy bleeding from the vagina (the blood is bright red and soaks a sanitary pad in an hour or less).
  • The discharge from your vagina smells bad.
  • You have a temperature over 38°C (102°F) or you feel cold and have the "chills" (you are shivering).
  • It hurts when you pee, you find it hard to pee, or you are peeing too many times.
  • You have difficulty having a bowel movement.
  • You had a Caesarean birth and your incision is painful, very red and swollen, or leaking any discharge.
  • You feel like you have the "flu" and your breasts are sore.
  • Your pain becomes worse.
  • You are having trouble breathing, are dizzy or, feel faint.
  • You have crying spells or mood swings that feel out of control.
  • You have thoughts of purposely harming yourself or your baby.