Baby's Check Up

While in the hospital, your family doctor, midwife or a pediatrician will examine your baby.

All newborn babies should be seen by their doctor, nurse practitioner or Midwife within 2 to 3 days of leaving hospital. It is important to call your doctor/NP or midwife's office as soon as possible after birth to make an appointment.

If there is a delay in seeing your provider, or you have questions before your appointment, please remember that you can also contact the Health Unit for assistance. See Baby’s Care for more information on Health Unit services.

All breastfed babies should be seen by their doctor or a professional skilled in breastfeeding within 2 days if they go home before 48 hours after the birth. Babies who go home more than 48 hours after birth, should be seen within 7 days after discharge. Call your doctor or midwife's office when you get home to make an appointment.