What Friends & Family Can Do

It's great to have family and friends involved. Here are some things they can do that are helpful for you and your new baby:

  • Call before they visit to arrange a time that is good for you and keep visits short. You need your rest!
  • Vacuum, dust, do laundry, prepare a meal or bring a casserole
  • Take care of your other children so you can rest

Your other children may take a little while to adjust to the new addition in the family. Friends and family can help by:

  • bringing a small gift or treat for the child
  • reading a book or playing a game
  • helping them make something for the baby
  • hugging, cuddling and playing with them
  • teaching them how to be an older brother or sister and how they can help the baby
  • taking your other children out somewhere special (i.e. park, library, dinner, movie or ice cream)

If you already have enough "baby stuff", friends and family can bring gifts such as:

  • a frozen or prepared meal, and/or fresh fruit
  • baby book and information
  • telephone certificates to keep close to long-distance friends and family
  • a prepaid roll of film for pictures of baby, siblings and family