What to Bring

Birthing Centre Room

As you get closer to the arrival of your baby, you will want to be prepared. The items you need during labour should be kept handy. The items you don't need in labour could be packed separately and brought to the hospital later. Pack a small bag as you and your baby may come home
in a day or two.

The following lists have some of the things you might want to put on your packing list. Towels, washcloths, infant gowns, diapers, and feeding supplies (bottle-feeding), will continue to be supplied by the hospital.

Labour Kit

  • prenatal handbook
  • lip balm
  • snacks and drinks for your partner
  • phone lists, quarters and phone cards for phone calls
  • partner's swimsuit (so he or she can accompany you in the shower)
  • focal point (picture, object, anything you find pleasant to look at)
  • comfortable clothes, housecoat, non-slip slippers
  • anything to help with labour- tennis ball, lotion, etc.
  • hard candy
  • camera and film
  • pen, paper
  • cassette tapes, CD's

Personal Items

  • Kleenex
  • sanitary pads
  • night gowns
  • going home clothes*
  • favourite pillow
  • nursing or supportive bra
  • a few pairs of underwear
  • watch
  • tooth brush, soap, shampoo

For Baby*

  • clothes to go home in or for photos (if desired)
  • car seat (mandatory)
  • shawl or blanket for going home
  • diapers
  • bring soother if desired

* going home clothes can be packed separately and left for someone to bring to you later

Be sure to bring:

  • Your Ontario Health Card
  • Your blue London Health Sciences Centre card
  • Supplementary insurance information