Welcome to Maternal Newborn Care

Welcome to the Perinatal program of London Health Sciences Centre at Victoria Hospital. As a teaching program affiliated with the University of Western Ontario, the Birthing Centre is home to more than 6000 births per year. A philosophy of family centred maternity care is the hallmark of all programs in Perinatal health. We recognize that childbirth is a natural, profound right of passage and each experience is both personal and unique.

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Partners or support persons will be permitted entry to the Operating room, to be present for birth, unless general anesthetic is required. Most scheduled c-section patients will have a spinal anesthetic, meaning your partner/support person will be able to accompany you.  Personal protective equipment, including a gown and mask, will be provided for safety.

If you require a general anesthetic, this requires intubation, which creates additional risk so partners/support persons will be asked to wait until you are in the recovery area to see you and your baby(ies). Please know that our team will do the very best they can to provide support to you during this challenging and important time.