Transplant Outpatient Clinic

The Transplant Outpatient Clinic is located on Level 4 University Hospital. It ensures excellent ongoing care for heart and liver transplant recipients following discharge. The Transplant Outpatient Clinic has more than 5,000 visits each year and coordinates outpatient visits, blood tests, and diagnostic tests. As well, many patients are enrolled in clinical studies, and require specific monitoring which is provided by the Transplant Outpatient Clinic.


Bloodwork is a routine part of patient care and phyisicans, nurses and other members of the Transplant Team have access to results sent to the Clinic. Someone from the Team will contact you as necessary to adjust drug doses and provide medical care.

It is preferred that transplant patients have their lab work drawn at Lifelabs because results arrive more reliably and efficiently on our computer system.


We encourage patients to keep track of all their medications, using the Self-Medication Form, which is given before discharge. Patients should bring their up-to-date, completed forms to every clinic visit.

Bring a list of your medications with you to the Clinic. Your pharmacist can provide you with this list. The nurse will review your medication list with you and ask if you require any prescriptions to be refilled.

If your pharmacy requires a prescription renewal for your medications, please ask them to fax a prescription renewal/request form to the Outpatient Clinic at 519-663-2931.

Northern Ontario Residents

Residents of Northern Ontario may be eligible for a Northern Health Travel Grant through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Travel grants do not cover all of the patients' travel expenses but they can help defray the overall cost of the trip. Further information and application for Northern Health Travel Grant are available online.

Ontario Telemedicine Network

You may also have the option of Ontario Telemedicine Network home visits. Check with your team.