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Oral secretions are aspirated by patients with endotracheal tubes, even when the endotracheal tube is properly inflated. Although raising the head of the bed can reduce aspiration, it does not completely prevent aspiration (1,2). Strategies that reduced the number of bacteria present in oropharyngeal secretions may help to reduce the incidence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP). Oral application/rinses with chlorhexidine have been shown to reduce bacterial colony counts(1) or VAP rates(2).

Chlorhexidine is bacteriocidal against gram positive aerobic organisms. It adheres to the surface of the teeth and/or mucous membranes to provide prolonged activity. It is believed that the combined use of chlorhexidine, plus, an oral hygiene protocol that facilitates the removal of oral secretions, will help to reduce the incidence of VAP.

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