Critical Care Trauma Centre

Delirium Screening



My patient has a MASS score of 2. Can I screen for Delrium?

How can I achieve a VAMASS goal of 3A with propofol?

My patient has a MASS score of 1. Can I screen for Delirium?

When is it acceptable to give a bolus of propofol?
Why do we screen in the second half of the shift? How should propofol be ordered?
My patient became drowsy after a prn does of sedation. Should I score the patient as positive for item #5 (pscyhomotor retardation)? The physician orders a target VAMASS as 3A, but I am unable to achieve it. What should I do?
Why do I need to screen for pain before screening for delirium?
Why do I need to assess sedation level before screening for delirium?
Do I need to repeat a pain and sedation assessment when I screen for delirium?
If my patient is sleeping at the end of my night shift, should I wake the patient to screen for delirium?
My patient has a mental health condition or dementia. When I screen, I am not sure how to score the patient.
My patient nods yes and no when asked if they are in London and in ICU. How do I know if their comprehension is normal?  
My patient has an ICDSC of 4. Does this mean that he has delirium? What is the first treatment for delirium?
My patient has an ICDSC of 8. Is he more delirious than a patient whose ICDSC is 4? Are patient outcomes better if we treat their delirium with antipsychotic medications?
My patient has screened positive for delirium. What should we do first? My patient is being treated for delirium. Can the ICDSC be used to titrate antipsychotic medications?
  My patient was diagnosed with delirium and is now receiving regular antipsychotic medications. She now has an ICDSC of 1-3. Is her delirium resolved?