Critical Care Trauma Centre


Question of the Week: March 31, 2000

An intraventricular drainage unit is set-up with the drainage circuit open, and positioned at 10 cm above the external auditory canal.  Drainage of the catheter should begin if the ICP rises above what pressure on the beside monitor?
trr the absence of drainage.

If the pressure on the bedside monitor exceeds 7.4 mmHg, CSF should begin to drain from the ventricular catheter.

When the system is open to drainage, and the drainage collecting chamber is placed 10 cm above the ear, a gradient for drainage exists if the intracranial pressure exceeds 10 cm H20.   A pressure of 10 cm H20 is = to a pressure of 7.4 mmHg.  Thus, drainage will occur if there is CSF in the ventricles, and the ICP > 10 cmH20 or > 7.4 mmHg (bedside monitor).

Brenda Morgan
Clinical Educator,CCTC
March 31, 2000
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