How Will the Hospital Maintain Safety For Me and My Baby? 

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Every effort will also be made to test symptomatic patients before they are admitted to hospital.  If COVID is suspected and testing is sent, results are available quickly here in hospital; often within a couple of hours. All staff in our clinical areas, caring for patients, are wearing masks at all times.   If a woman is found to have COVID-related symptoms while in hospital, precautions will be initiated immediately, to prevent spread to other patients and staff.  

All health care providers in our women’s and infant care areas are being very cautious with continually watching all patients and visitors for signs of COVID.  If any patient while in hospital, presents with new symptoms, they are being isolated, started on extra precautions and will be assessed for possible COVID testing.  Visitors with new symptoms will be masked and asked to leave the hospital immediately.  Efforts will be made to keep COVID-positive patients together and with the same nurses wherever possible to prevent exposure to non-COVID patients and other staff.  

Also, after you have your baby, if you share a room on the Mother Baby Care unit, these beds are separated by more than 2 metres to maintain physical distancing.  Patients will not share a room unless they are without COVID symptoms.  There are also signs posted throughout our unit reminding all patients and visitors to be continuously monitoring themselves for any new symptoms.