Accessibility at University Hospital

Accessible entrances

Most entrances are accessible at University Hospital (UH).

Accessible parking

Printable maps with information about accessible parking spaces located within the public parking garage at University Hospital are available below:

  • View map of the 1st floor of the UH parking garage
  • View map of the 2nd floor of the UH parking garage
  • View map of the 3rd floor of the UH parking garage
  • View map of the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the UH parking garage
  • View map of the 7th floor of the UH parking garage

Drop-off points and wheelchair access

If you have difficulty walking, most of the hospital zones at this site have a drop-off point at the main door.

If someone is driving you to the hospital, ask them to let you out at the entrance drop-off point closest to your destination. There will be seating for you inside while you wait for them to park the car.

Use the location of the building/zone you are provided through your physician’s office as a starting point to determine which entrance and patient drop-off point is closest to your destination, and the associated patient and visitor parking lot.

Wheelchairs are often available inside hospital entrances. If you require use of a wheelchair and cannot find one at an entrance, please ask a staff member or volunteer for assistance.

If you require help walking or getting around the hospital, please visit the information desk in the front lobby. The staff there can help you find a wheelchair or call for a porter to take you to where you need to go.

For deaf, deafened and hard of hearing patients

  • Amplified phones: Please speak with a member of your health care team if require one of these phones
  • Relay service: Available by the telephone company
  • Sign Language and Deaf Blind Translation: Please advise staff so they can make necessary arrangements
  • Closed-captioning: Closed-captioned televisions are available upon request from the television rental service
  • Support person: Welcomed at this site
  • Uniphone (TTY/TDD): Please speak with a member of your health care team if you require one of these phones