Black Health

Through the Office of Inclusion and Social Accountability, the Black Health team at LHSC is actively engaged in advancing the important work of creating safer and inclusive spaces at LHSC, addressing inequities in the healthcare system, and improving care experiences and health outcomes for Black people.  

As the first hospital in Ontario to create a health stream dedicated to Black Health, LHSC is in the unique position to collaboratively improve care experiences and health outcomes for Black individuals.

Black Health is an important advancement in LHSC’s commitment to transforming health to better serve Black patients, families and communities. Aligned to Ontario Health’s equity priorities, the Black Health initiative addresses many of the key components of the Ontario Health EDI Anti-Racism Framework and Black Health Plan for Ontario.  

LHSC’s Black Health team aims to identify and dismantle the systemic, institutional, and attitudinal barriers that have historically prevented members of the Black community from accessing health services by: 

  • Creating relationships built on trust with the Black patients and communities we serve;
  • Engaging with Black patients, families and communities to learn more about their experiences with the healthcare system; and
  • Educating and consulting with hospital leaders, physicians and staff to build their capacity to provide care that is culturally relevant and sensitive to the needs of Black patients. 

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