Spiritual Care

Supportive hands

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) recognizes spiritual and religious need as a significant element in the holistic care of patients and families. Spiritual Care is a professional service that provides person-centred care by sensitively working with patients, families, partners, faith communities, and other hospital professionals.

Our service is respectful and supportive of all spiritual and religious needs, beliefs, values and practices. We can also assist with meeting your specific faith needs directly or by providing connections to local faith communities. Our Spiritual Care Practitioners are members of the health-care team and are certified by the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care and offer spiritual caring through active listening, needs assessment, supportive presence, compassionate care and advocacy.

Our Sanctuaries are available 24/7 for both scheduled and unplanned usage. These quiet areas are best described as “Sacred space available to all for prayer, meditation and quiet reflection.” All are welcome. Although scheduling is allowed, neither Sanctuary can be reserved for exclusive usage and all users agree to share the space with other persons. Both Sanctuaries are wheelchair accessible.

Special note: As per the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, both Sanctuaries are smoke-free spaces, except as under the Exemption for Traditional Use of Tobacco by Aboriginal Persons. Please contact us if you wish to make arrangements for this exemption.

University Hospital Sanctuary - Located on the 1st floor, just off of the Main Lobby, beside the main elevators, Room A1-502

Victoria Hospital Sanctuary – Located on Level 3, between the “C” zone elevators and the main Cafeteria “Fayes Café”, Room C3-402

Contact Us

Spiritual Care can be reached anytime through any member of your healthcare team. 
Urgent referrals 24 hours a day and 7 days a week:

University Hospital
Interfaith Pager 14692 - Roman Catholic Pager 13982

Victoria Hospital
Interfaith Pager 14693 - Roman Catholic Pager 14694

We can also be contacted through the LHSC switchboard at 519-685-8500, VH office ext. 58418, UH office ext. 35310 or by email at SpiritualCare@lhsc.on.ca, for a response Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.