Hospital Rooms

Every effort is made to provide your requested accommodation. If your choice is not available on admission, you will be notified when a suitable bed becomes vacant.

Occasionally patients in private rooms may be asked to move if their room is required for patients with special infection control needs. At times, patients may also be placed in a room with a member of the opposite sex. This will only be done when no other option is available.

Insured Residents of Canada:

The cost of a standard ward bed (four-bed room) is covered by the Provincial Health Plan – private or semi-private accommodation is not covered. With your authorization, the hospital will invoice your supplementary insurance company directly for the private or semi-private room occupied. It is your
responsibility to know the extent of insurance benefits available. Should the insurance company reject all or part of the charges, you are responsible for payment of the account.

If you are placed in a private room for infection control measures, you will not be billed for the difference if you have standard coverage.

Uninsured/Non Residents of Canada:

You will be charged for the hospital's services and specific information related to your financial responsibility is available through the Business Office at your location.

Additional registration paperwork is required for inpatient admissions. If possible, contact the Business Office prior to your stay to complete the forms.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board:

Many supplementary insurances do NOT cover preferred accommodation for stays related to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims.

Alternate Level of Care (ALC) co-payment:

Should your physician determine that you no longer require acute care treatment at this hospital and you are being assisted to apply for long-term or complex continuing care, you will be charged the same daily rate applicable for a standard ward room in a long-term/complex continuing care facility. Please ask for
our brochure.

Questions about financial matters and eligible rate reduction should be directed to the Business Office (Contact information below).

The Business Office

The Business Office can give you information on daily hospital rates and finance inquiries related to patient accounts.

Contact the Business Office:
Telephone: 519-663-3146