Using your personal device at LHSC

Bring your personal device to hospital

You may want to bring your own device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and accessories (headphones, charger, charge cables, etc.) to use during your hospital visit, to help you stay connected with family and friends, keep informed with patient education or news, and for your own entertainment. This information will help you keep your device safe during your visit.

Charging your device

A USB charging port is available on some of our beds. Use your device’s charging cable with this portlet to connect your device when it’s in the device holder. If your bed does not have a charging port, you can use your own wall adapter plug and extension cable  Please be mindful about ensuring the cable does not get tangled in your bed or other equipment, and ensure it isn’t a tripping hazard.

Use the original charging cable provided with your device. If the cable is broken or frayed, please do not use it in your room.

Your device is your responsibility

As a patient, your device is your responsibility. When you’re not in your room, please consider securing your device in a drawer, out of sight.

The hospital is not responsible for lost or damaged devices.