Reloadable Dining Cards Now Available

Purchasing your favourite meals in the cafeteria has never been easier. Zipthru is the new, fast, secure, convenient and effortless way to buy coffee, snacks and meals from the hospital cafeterias. 

This reloadable dining card or e-card is available for patients, staff and volunteers, can be used across all food stations and brands within Victoria and University Hospital. You can buy your card in person at the cafeteria or online.

All you need to know: 

  • You can use your card like cash
  • The card is non-refundable 
  •  It’s available on Apple Wallet, Google Pay, or mobile applications 
  • The card or e-card can be loaded with any denomination starting at $20 
  • Cards do not expire
  • You can view your balance and spendings online
  • Register cards are secure
  • All cards can be reloaded online or at participating cash areas

For further information and terms and conditions, visit the Zip Thru Card website.