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Patient Identification

While you are receiving care at LHSC, you will be asked questions to help us know who you are. Staff are required to do this, even if they know you, to be sure you are receiving the correct care and treatment. This will happen many times over the course of your care because it is essential for your safety.

When you are admitted to the hospital or are in for a procedure, you will be given an identification armband which contains important information and must be worn until you leave the hospital. If you lose or damage your armband, please ask your health-care provider for a replacement. Check that the information on your armband is correct.

Expect your health-care team to check this information before giving you medications or blood transfusions, taking blood samples or other tests, or performing procedures. They will also ask you to tell them your name or birth date.

Do not hesitate to tell the person providing your care if you think they have confused you with another person. At LHSC, we are committed to providing you with safe, high-quality care and confirming your identity is an important part of that promise.